A small selection of work produced by Tom’s Content Shop
(that’s me, Tom’s Odyssey, but then for brands instead of my own).

As a creative I always strive to up my game with every piece of content I create.
That’s why I selected some pieces according to year,
as I’m always improving my craft.









Science YouTube tutorials - *More coming soon

hComet - Isolating white blood cells

Tutorials and educational content in relation to scientific papers about Comet Assay. Part of a YouTube webseries.


Social Content - *Tom’s Odyssey Originals

Sponsored video - Artlist

5 tips in picking music for your video with Artlist
Shot together with Team Odyssey.

Sponsored video - Skillshare

A “how to” guide to taking professional flat lay gearspreads.
Sponsored by the educational platform: Skillshare

Making money as a small creator

Questions I get asked a lot: How much do you make on YouTube, or How do you earn money on YouTube? Here’s a little insight.




Promo videos


A promo for Soccerlab
together with testimonials for their client and partner PSV Eindhoven.

In The Race

A short introduction to the services of In The Race.
Together with the Belgian Cycling Team.

Sinterklaas kapoentje

Now this is for dutch speaking people only…
But we got to take a look at one of the biggest Sinterklaas feesten in Belgium!


Social Content - *Tom’s Odyssey Originals

IGTV - The Odyssey Diaries

Left: Puppers, a walk in nature. Right: Paris, a visual memory.

Return of an icon, but upgraded.

Who doesn’t know Polaroid?
I got to chance to review their newest addition to instant film: The Onestep +

Mobile Filmmaking?

We live in a digital age and with a camera in our pocket.
But how about the quality? I tested it out with these Moment lenses!


Social Content - *Dutch

Battles: Millennials vs Gen X - Playlist

In deze serie nemen de millennials het op tegen Generation X a.d.h.v. stellingen over de toekomst.
Wie wint?

Wingmen Inspirationals - Playlist

Keynotes en vlogs over briljante geesten die ons trakteren op een inspirerende keynote.
Zet de popcorn al maar klaar.

Wingmen College: Is je idee levensvatbaar? - Playlist

Webcontent voor de socials van Wingmen College.
In deze serie wordt er gekeken naar enkele basis principes voor ondernemen.



A small grab of some old work

A baby sized promo

With this piece I worked together with local photographer Evie Bronckaers
who is all about newborn and baby photography.

Traveling to Zakynthos

A narration vlog - a different take on travel filmmaking.
Explore the Greek island of Zakynthos through the eyes of me and my buddy.

30 seconds to impact

A 30 sec productshoot about the GNARBOX.
Stopmotion and powerful music are king.